We Are Reinventing Athletics

Enter a world where running and tech unite in unprecedented ways. We take live experiences to new heights by digitising the track

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About feldspar

The World’s First Sensor-enabled, Performance Running Track

Engineered to enhance athletes’ performance and create the most visually captivating experience for fans, live and online.

Faster. Smarter. Modular.

We challenge the status quo and rewrite the rules through unparalleled innovation and leadership with groundbreaking integrated track flooring solutions.


Cutting-edge tech to enhance athletes' acceleration and speed.

We combine unique, patented flooring tech and state-of-the art materials into the track design, enabling a novel way of energy return and conversion

Live tracking directly through athletes' footprint.

We bring new levels of precision in real-time performance analytics captured through advanced sensors for an unrivalled spectator experience

Modular design for maximum impact and reach.

Our lightweight product is versatile and easy to assemble, making it an ideal sports flooring choice for live events around the globe.

The World's First Digital Running Track

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We're Digitising The Running Track To Transform Live Sports.

We are building the world's first sensor-enabled, integrated sports flooring solution to revolutionise the world of athletics. We pave the way for live events not seen before, creating the ultimate, high energy, sports experiences for fans and those who prioritise performance innovation.

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Feldspar To Build World’s First Sensor-Enabled Running Track To Boost Athlete Performance And Transform Live Sports Experiences

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